Rental and licensing
Rental and licensing
Options available
Depending on your requirements, you can choose to rent an empty or pre-built Web World, or buy a Web Galaxy or Universe. A Galaxy gives you control over one Web World, and a Universe contains many Web Worlds under your control.
Many buildings, objects and avatars to fill your worlds are available. Some are free of charge; others can be bought or rented.
Licensing and development
We offer licensing of the multi-user 3D technology, allowing full control over both server and client side. Our worldwide team of professionals can advise you on development of applications fit for businesses, private or public intra- and extranets.
Two factors affect the price: the number of square metres upon which you can build, and the number of concurrent users. Options range from small 5-user Worlds to Galaxy servers with a minimum of 1 million m2 and 50 people, or Universe servers with unlimited land and tens of thousands of users online.
World prices
Galaxy and Universe prices

"I can see who’s turned up – and even if they’re listening!"
Experiment in 3D
A government spending too much money on infrastructure projects? In a few weeks, we developed a simulation of a weight-analysis system along the M5 in Hungary to enable all involved, including truck drivers, to determine the optimal positioning of the various facilities and road layouts before building the real thing. Per location, they saved more than half a million Euro by not making expensive mistakes. Just visit M5SIM world by going 3D!
Meet more easily
Hold a special meeting in our Virtual Conference Room, or invite all your employees into our Virtual Auditorium. Why waste money on flights and hotels when you can see each other online?