3D Radio
3D Radio
Look and listen
From small local stations to enormously popular national institutions, radio does a magnificent job of keeping people company at home, at work or on the move. And although you can only hear rather than see it, radio has the ability to create pictures in your mind as you listen to songs and laugh at the DJ. But how can radio really bring people together?
Uniting listeners
Broadcast on Activeworlds Europe and you can give your audience the chance to meet each other in your Web World and discuss their favourite tracks. And of course, DJs can also go and meet listeners from far and wide by stepping into their avatar (virtual body) and simply walking around.
Like to try it?
Do you work in the music business? Maybe you’re in a band and want to play to a bigger audience? Interested in taking part in an online competition? All these and more are possible in a Web World.

"We were listening to our favourite band…and the lead singer came online!

Click for radio recording:
Expand your format
Want to make the most of your new format? Be it radio, TV, web, mobile and in combinations? Imagine how its set-up and effect could be optimised by recreating it in a Web World.
Act it out
Many groups of actors have to travel to rehearse their lines with the others. A growing number of actors is doing this online on a virtual stage, with or without an audience and without travel, but with the same effect! (1 out of 10 rehearsal sessions can be done online, and every 10th one is a real challenge again)
Listen while you walk
Fancy some music while you’re in our Web Universe? We offer you access to live radio stations while you’re walking, flying or swimming through our Web Worlds. You have your own radio station? Feel free to contact us and go a big step further into the future of interactive music!