Home use
Home use
Roam far and wide
Up till now, instant communication via the internet has mainly been limited to one-to-one instant messaging technologies on flat websites. Activeworlds software offers so much more, with the possibility to walk around (in your avatar), explore all the different environments and meet whoever’s there. It’s a lot more visual, and gives you a real feeling of freedom as you choose where to go and who to talk to. You can discuss your hobbies, swap information and even dance together! Why not meet your friends here instead?
Our 3D Web World environments are designed for adults and children alike. This means that the whole family can enjoy and use them – and you can even create a Family Web World of your own for others to visit. Once you’ve done that, why not recreate your own neighbourhood, with houses, streets and points of interest? Invite your friends to meet you in your local park!
Moderated chat
Wherever we can, we provide moderators and gatekeepers to keep the chat pleasant. We also have chat robots that act as ‘bouncers’, ejecting people who don’t follow the guidelines. Nuisances can be ejected temporarily or permanently. Funnily enough, even people who get ejected tell us how much they appreciate having a moderated environment! We are training new moderators and gatekeepers all the time.

"It’s good to be able to see where my kids are hanging out."
Sail the Titanic!
The Titanic floats again, and you can stroll its decks in your elegant virtual body. Join your fellow passengers to explore the ship – but watch out for icebergs. AWE is loking for sponsors and investors for version 2, offering interesting and long-term use! Why not buy a cabin for its renewed maiden trip in 2012? See our TITANIC3D site!
Explore a book
For the first time ever, a new children’s book has been completely recreated in multi-user 3D so you can visit all the locations and re-live what the characters did. Activeworlds Europe and professionals from all over the world worked on this project, which has been explored by young readers and featured on Dutch national TV.