Active Worlds
The terms of this disclaimer (referred to hierafter as “Disclaimer’) are applicable to the internet site and the 3D environments behind it belonging to Activeworlds Europe B.V. (referred to hereafter as “AWE”), registered in the Business Register of the Utrecht Chamber of Commerce under number 30186966 and based in the Netherlands.

AWE provides a platform that gives visitors the possibility to meet via the internet, in virtual 3D environments. We do our best to ensure that these environments (Web Worlds, Galaxies and Universes) are continuously available. However, AWE and our visitors are dependent for this on third parties such as internet and telecoms providers. For this reason, Activeworlds Europe cannot be held responsible for non-availability or only partial availability of the 3D environments.

Before making our software available, we test it on the most common Microsoft Windows platforms. We cannot guarantee that the software will work on every single system as it is impossible to carry out comprehensive tests. We regret that our software is not yet compatible with Apple Macintosh.
Information from third parties, products and services
Third parties may make use of the 3D environments in order to offer their products, knowledge or services to visitors. AWE has guidelines for this, but does not accept any responsibility with regard to the content, use or availability of such information. AWE is not responsible for the content or quality of information offered or developed by third parties.
Intellectual property
It is forbidden to copy or download information on this internet site or in the 3D environments, to make it public in any manner whatsoever, to copy, summarise or pass it on to individuals or companies without prior written approval from AWE and, where applicable, legal approval from the party holding the rights to this information.

Websites that satisfy our conditions with regard to content have our permission to create a link to our web pages. We retain the right to remove this option from website owners and cannot guarantee that links remain active.
Online communication
Communication between visitors in the 3D environments is public, unless private chat possibilities are used. We strongly advise visitors not to pass on private details to others. AWE cannot be held responsible in the case that any correspondents or third parties misuse the information that has been given by visitors.
Limits of responsibility
AWE and its partners, associates or suppliers do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for direct, indirect, special, particular, incidental, immaterial or subsequent loss or damage (including loss of profits), regardless of whether AWE was made aware of this loss or damage, which may result from but does not have to be limited to (1) defects, viruses or other insufficiencies of the technology, equipment or other software used in conjunction with access to or use of this internet site or AWE’s Web Worlds or Universe, (2) the information that is offered on this internet site or AWE’s Web Worlds or Universe, (3) interception, change, removal or illegal use of information that is sent to AWE or to you, (4) the availability or non-availability of this internet site, AWE’s Web Worlds or Universe, (5) misuse of this internet site, AWE’s Web Worlds or Universe, (6) loss of information, (7) downloading or use of software that is made available via this internet site, AWE’s Web Worlds or Universe, or (8) claims of third parties in connection with the use of this internet site, AWE’s Web Worlds or Universe.
Applicable law
Dutch law is applicable on this website, our 3D environments and on this Disclaimer. All disputes arising from or in connection with this Disclaimer shall, without exception, be presented to the relevant legal authority in the Netherlands. If a legal issue is raised in another country, the law of the country where the issue is raised may in some cases be applicable. AWE retains the right to make decisions on this matter.
AWE retains the right to change the text of this Disclaimer and of any other information offered on this internet site, at any time without any further announcement or notice. We advise you to check information which is important to you from time to time.
Copyright 2006 AW-EUROPE B.V.
All information contained in this website is believed to be correct and has been verified as far as possible. Neither Activeworlds Europe, nor its associates or suppliers, may be held responsible in law for any inaccuracies, unless deliberate. The copyright for this entire website, and for the materials we have developed for our 3D environments, is held by Activeworlds Europe.
The AW-Europe environment is a public environment. Everybody is welcome as long as they keep to the guidelines and avoid causing hurt or offence to others. We reserve the right to eject users, temporarily or permanently, without offering a refund, if they behave in a way likely to upset, hurt or offend others, including members of AWE. Athough we do everything to keep the public environments child-friendly, by electronic means and through dedicated gatekeepers, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to a user by an another user, be it psychological, physical or in any other form.
Your details
ActiveWorlds Europe collects certain information about visitors for internal purposes – including administrative and statistical reasons – and to improve the environments. None of this information will be sold, given to third parties or used for mailing purposes unless the recipient agrees in advance. We will never disclose details of visitors, World owners or licensees to others, except in cases where these aforementioned act contrary to European or national laws. Information (such as visitor statistics) which is made public is anonymous and not traceable to any individual visitor.

When entering the 3D environments, you are asked for a (nick-)name and e-mail address. Your e-mail address details are only used for automatic password retrieval (for Citizen members) or for sending you information about a prize you have won. Please ensure your e-mail address is up-to-date: it is the only way you can recover a forgotten password. Only people with genuine e-mail addresses are eligible to win prizes in games. If you join as a Citizen, your full details are kept in our database and are not accessible to third parties.

Please be aware that chat in public environments may be seen by any other visitor. You are advised against making sensitive personal details public.