Come and have fun
Come and have fun
Our games
There are all sorts of games you can play with others online in our Web Worlds, including Treasure Hunts, a Maze, Bingo, Chess and Draughts. Simple, but fun! And you can win real prizes with some of them! Unlike traditional computer games, our software doesn’t come in expensive packages: you can play for free as a Tourist, or enjoy more options online for a fee of € 2 per week up to € 65 per year as a Citizen (Member).
3D gaming
Do you enjoy playing games with your friends? Most of us do, and it’s more fun than playing on your own. In our 3D Universe, you can compete with other visitors in all sorts of games. You can also solve mysteries, find your way out of mazes and much more. And all you need is a broadband internet connection.
Play with people all over the world
The Activeworlds technology consists of a small (5MB) download that you can keep as an icon on your PC. Click on the icon, and you enter our Web Universe which contains lots of places where you can play games. What makes our games really fun is that you can chat to other people while you play – and watch everyone trying to win!

"Look: I just beat the winner!"
Credits Economy in AWE!
Activeworlds Europe has launched a credits economy that allows you to do business with others, and even earn tens or hundreds of euros per year via AWE Connections! Do you already have your own Connection code? Give it to everyone you know so they can enjoy a free week! See AWExchange for more information.
Play LandPick!
FirstSoftware and AWE launch a new interactive and live multi-user game, playable via the internet, and hopefully soon via mobile, game consoles and other devices. Most LandPick games start on the 1st of every month and last for 30 days. To play the game, choose GO 3D on our web site, install the 3D browser (8MB) and access one of the LANDPIC? worlds.
Call ‘Bingo!’
We often hold successful Bingo evenings for our visitors, with Bingo cards big enough to walk around. Visit our Universe to find out when the next one’s on! Oh... during bingo games you can win memberships and even worlds during special games! You don't like bingo? Check out our other games by going 3D!